By Susanne Rieker

Probably the biggest mistake I did when I started my first online business was not taking my newsletter serious. I had a newsletter and I sent it out once a month, but I didn’t have any incentives to get people to subscribe. All I offered was a meager little sign-up form in my sidebar…

Today I could kick myself that I didn’t start working on my email list sooner. Because it’s really one of the most important parts of your business! If you are a yoga teacher, then you absolutely need a newsletter.


Here’s why every yoga teacher needs a newsletter:

1. It’s the easiest way to stay in touch

An email is the easiest way to share big announcements like a new yoga retreat and keep in touch. Not everyone will check your Instagram or blog everyday (and forget about using Facebook to keep your followers up to date – see point below), but they’ll probably check their emails. If you have something important to share with your students, and want to be sure that they receive it, then an email list is the best medium to keep in touch.

2. You can’t rely on social media alone to keep your people up-to-date

It’s great if you have a booming Facebook community or tons of Instagram followers, but be aware that you don’t have real control over your social media platforms. Facebook is now forcing businesses to pay to promote posts if they want more than a handful of their followers to see updates and Instagram just changed their algorithm too, probably going in the same direction as Facebook soon. The fact is, you don’t own your Facebook page. Facebook does.

Your email list is the one direct connection that you have with all of your people that you truly own. It’s all yours! No matter what happens with Facebook, Instagram and co, you’ll still have a list full of dedicated followers who are there to open your emails and read your most important updates.

3. Your email subscribers are more likely to come to your workshops and retreats

Lastly, even if your total number of email subscribers is much lower than your social media audience, these people are worth SO MUCH MORE!

Think of it this way: a person’s email inbox is sacred. If they allow you to send them emails, they WANT to hear from you. They are not just a casual follower on Instagram or Facebook. They’re real. They’re engaged. And they might just want whatever it is that you’re selling. Be this a yoga retreat, workshop or an online course. This is your tribe.

To sum it up – your email list might just be the most important part of your digital business!