By Susanne Rieker

Even with yoga studios slowly opening up again, teaching yoga online isn’t going away. The convenience, scalability and flexibility for you and your students are what makes online yoga classes so attractive, so why not offer both?

Just imagine, instead of rushing out of the door at 6am to meet your first private client and then travel all over the city from studio to studio, you could simply roll out of bed 15 minutes before your private session, grab a quick Espresso and start your computer to teach.

And the best news is that while in the past the techy side of having to set everything up might have been a bit scary (and a lot of work), things have never been easier thanks to new software platforms popping up all the time helping yoga teachers to manage their online classes effectively.

Instead of manually inviting your students to Zoom, sending out reminders, collecting payments and uploading the replay you can now use a tool that does all that for you! Sounds amazing, right? Let’s just make your life easier, so you can spend more time on the mat then in front of your computer.

But with all those new yoga studio platforms, which one should you choose? In this post I’m looking at the features, pricing options and limitations of 10 different yoga studio software platforms to help you choose the perfect one for your needs and requirements.

When you are a yoga teacher and want to offer online yoga classes, the following yoga studio platforms will help you start teaching yoga online in no time.

Please not that some of the following links are affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission if you sign up through it, without any additional costs for you.



Class-ify works with personal trainers and health and fitness instructors, giving them all the tools and training they need to move their business online. They provide the tech, but they also want to deliver the business and marketing support required for their clients to grow their revenue.

Each instructor has their own landing page, where their members can easily log in and join their live class directly from the instructor’s page, so there is no need for Zoom links or email invitations. As soon as the class is over, the recording automatically saves into the instructor’s on-demand library for their members to play back if they miss the live class.

Class-ify also handles all payments and provides the instructor with a dashboard to manage their business, making everything as easy as can be to run a successful online fitness business, with everything in one place.

Class-ify is based in London and focus right now is on the English-speaking market.

Class-ify Key Features

  • Set up live and on-demand classes.
  • Sell single classes, class passes and monthly subscriptions.
  • Social media support including custom templates, expert tips & paid social media strategies.
  • Easy website integration with widgets


12% of revenue (includes Zoom, a music license and Stripe fees, along with ongoing support).

Eversports Manager

Eversports Manager

Eversports Manager is a software to help you manage your yoga studio or sports centre that seems to be very popular especially in Germany. It allows you for example to manage your payments and organize your schedule. You can set up live classes and online streaming classes as well as on-demand classes, and it’s easy for your clients to switch and buy either. Live streaming is directly integrated with Eversports. Users report that the software is very easy to use, clear and precise.

You can currently use Eversports to run your business if your fiscal residence is in any European country. They are not available for businesses outside of Europe right now.

Eversports Manager Key Features

  • Manage all your studio activities including payroll for your staff (overview of activities & calculated salary).
  • Scheduling options for classes, courses, retreats & workshops.
  • Video-on-demand & live classes.
  • Based in the EU and provides compliance with EU data protection regulations.
  • Connection to external partners like myClubs, OneFit, ClassPass or GymPass.


One time €99 fee for personal onboarding

Starter: €59 per month (0-199 bookings)

Accelerate: €89 per month (200-599 bookings)

Professional: €129 per month (600-1499 bookings)

Champion: €179 per month (1500+ bookings)

You can save by signing up for an annual plan.



Interval offers a yoga studio software that allows you to sell classes, memberships, workshops and more. Their focus is on creating a platform for yoga teachers that helps you deliver a premium experience for your students, including music and community features, all on one platform. For example, you can automatically rotate the screens of your students which allows you to give feedback during the class – just like you would do in a studio. I also love the chat feature that allows you to connect to your students before and after class, and for them to chat with each other.

You can teach classes live or sell on-demand classes that are up to 120 minutes long. For each class you can select different pricing options: free, paid, pay-what-you-want and members-only. You can also sell class passes, create coupons and gift cards. After you created a class, you can share the link for people to sign up for it directly and you can also embed your schedule on your website.

At the time of writing the platform is only available in English but they might add the option to translate it in the future.

Intervals Key Features

  • Offer live classes, on-demand classes, collections of classes (they can include both on-demand and upcoming classes) or memberships.
  • Classes can either be free, paid, pay-what-you-can or members-only.
  • You can sell single classes, class packages and recurring memberships, in person and online.
  • Interval lets the student set their own custom sound mix of music and instructor voice, each in crystal clear quality.
  • Classes are uploaded as you record and you can publish classes to your library in minutes.
  • Includes chat feature to make classes more social.
  • You don’t need Zoom but can use it instead of the Interval live feature if you prefer it, they have an integration.
  • To collect payments, you need to have a Stripe account and connect it with Interval. You will then be paid out through Stripe.


All access: 6% transaction fees + no monthly cost OR $69 per month + no transaction fees

Premium package: $499/month (including custom app and white glove onboarding)

Marvelous Yoga Software

Marvelous (formely Namastream)

Marvelous wants to help yoga teachers to create the ultimate online yoga studio. What makes them stand out is the customization options. You can style your space with customizable templates that make it easy to create the energy and vibe you want.

Marvelous focuses not only on teaching classes and managing your studio but allows you also to sell online courses. They added some great features like pre-selling courses or memberships with previews.

Marvelous integrates with Stripe or Paypal for easy payments and you can connect your account to Mailchimp or ConvertKit to email your clients. And of course you also have a dashboard with detailed reports to track sales and client activity.

Key Features

  • Sell an unlimited number of classes, courses, and memberships.
  • Upload videos, audios, and documents or on-demand access.
  • Live-stream your classes (and repurpose the live-stream recordings into your existing memberships and courses).
  • Offer free webinars + workshops to grow your email list.
  • Host live 1:1 private sessions.
  • Create daily, monthly, weekly, or annual membership options.


Solo: $125 per month (perfect for single instructors, up to 250 students)

Pro: $179 per month (up to 15 instructors, up to 1000 students)

Growth: $250 per month (up to 25 instructors, up to 2000 students)

You can save money when you sign up for an annual plan.



Mindbody is the most established yoga studio software we’re looking at in this post. A lot of really well-established yoga studios worldwide use Mindbody and they also offer live-streaming and on-demand videos.

If you would like to scale, Mindbody also offers a marketing suite to automate your yoga marketing. It, for example, offers last-minute deals, intro offers, and the ability to turn your most loyal clients into brand ambassadors.

With Mindbody you can design your own branded mobile app. Their team will add your logos and colors to your app and add it to the app stores. However, this feature is only available if you sign up for their Ultimate Plus plan.

While Mindbody does offer a cheaper plan, its Starter plan ($159 per month) includes only the bare bones and in my opinion it’s too expensive for what it offers.

Key Features (not all are available on all plans)

  • Schedule classes, appointments, and resources.
  • Manage clients and staff.
  • Enable mobile friendly booking and purchasing widget on your website.
  • Offer self-check-in for classes on an iPad.
  • Digital forms to streamline your intake process.
  • Build emails with customizable templates.
  • Create your own branded mobile app.


Starter: $139 per month

Accelerate: $279 per month

Ultimate: $499 per month

Ultimate Plus: $699 per month


Momoyoga Yoga Studio Software

Momoyoga was founded in 2016 and has their headquarter in the Netherlands. Originally their focus has been to support yoga studios, but they expanded and now also offer services for individual teachers. You can create memberships, offer online and in-person classes at the same time or create an on-demand library.

To teach online classes right now you need to create the event in your chosen live streaming service, for example Zoom, and add the information manually in Momoyoga. Not perfect if your focus is solely on online classes.

The strength of Momoyoga lies in the studio management features. Because their headquarter is in the EU it might also be easier to set up GDPR compliancy and they offer multiple languages.

Momoyoga Key Features

  • Intuitive and easy to use booking functionality.
  • Choose between multiple languages.
  • Add online and in-person classes and workshops. You can also teach hybrid classes (a combination of online and in-person class).
  • Add waitlists for your classes, set up a booking window and personalize notifications and reminders.
  • You can also send out automatic birthday messages to your students – a nice personal touch.
  • Collect payments with credit card (via Stripe), PayPal, via wire transfer or in cash.
  • Set up recurring payments and create memberships and class passes.
  • Create trial passes and introductory offers, you can also offer pay-what-you-want classes.
  • Add pre-recorded classes (VOD).
  • Easy to integrate the schedule in your website.
  • iPhone and Android apps.
  • Manage all your studio statistics from one place.


Independent Yoga Teacher: Starting from €25 per month

Yoga Studio: Starting from €30 per month for 2 teachers

You can save when you sign up for an annual plan.

Momoyoga offers a free 30-day trial.



Punchpass helps you manage your class schedule, sell passes, and keep track of your customers & their attendance. You can publish your schedule, accept class, workshop and special event reservations and sell passes online. You can host live and on-demand video classes.

Punchpass offers a seamless integration with Zoom, you can create a content library to sell as an additional revenue source.

It uses Stripe for payments and you can offer single classes, class passes, memberships and a sliding scale for prices.

Punchpass has currency and language flexibility so you can use Punchpass no matter where you are in the world. They let you customize the emails Punchpass sends on your behalf so the automated emails are in the correct language.

While the most basic plan starts at just $39 per month, the included features are limited and probably not enough for your needs. For example to be able to collect online waivers you need to be on the Balsam plan for $64 per month and to collect online payments via Stripe you need the Banyan plan for $89 per month.

Key Features

  • Embed schedule on your website or link to your schedule page hosted on Punchpass.
  • Provides both a calendar view and a list view of your schedule to give your customers the best desktop or mobile experience.
  • Students can reserve classes easily.
  • You can offer your passes on a sliding scale to give a break to clients who can’t afford your regular rates.
  • Designed to work great on an iPad or on your smartphone, Punchpass lets you take attendance even if you don’t have a computer available.
  • Reports include a summary of your monthly totals, as well as detailed monthly breakdowns.
  • Track your customers history and view at a glance their health issues, contact information, referral source and more.
  • Email your customers right from Punchpass. You can also customize the automated emails.


Bedrock: $39 per month (you get the basic features and nothing else)

Balsam: $64 per month (allows you to collect online waivers, create a content library and sell 1-on-1 classes and memberships)

Banyan: $89 per month (allows you to also collect online payments)

Free 2-week trial available.



Ribbon positions itself not as a yoga studio software, but as a tool to sell experiences – live and in-person events, challenges, online courses and more. Their clients are not only yoga teachers but also Pilates studios, Tarot card readers, musicians and many more professions.

You can set up live and online classes, build an on-demand library with unlimited storage, schedule drops, rent out videos, set up appointments (for example for private sessions), sell recordings, and you can also create and sell video courses with their software, all in one place.

Ribbon also offers a Zoom integration that allows you to set up Zoom meetings right in the Ribbon dashboard.

They are a dynamic company that’s growing fast and continue adding new features that their audience requests. For example they told me that right now they are working on an app, GDPR features and options to translate the platform into different languages.

Key Features

  • Sell tickets to live & in-person events.
  • Create recurring events, live courses, challenges, and more.
  • Build your on-demand library with unlimited storage.
  • Create & sell video courses.
  • Offer subscriptions, class packages and memberships.


Ribbon Lite: Free, 5% transaction fee

Ribbon Basic: $20 per month, 1% transaction fee

Ribbon: $60 per month, no transaction fee. Also includes SMS messaging, Email marketing and advanced integrations.



Strydal is a new yoga teacher software that wants to help you turn your passion for teaching into a thriving online business. They offer everything you need to run a digital coaching business, in one place.

The platform has a very sleek and modern look and is easy to use for students with a seamless sign-up process.

Strydal has its own live-streaming solution. They’ve built it specifically for teaching yoga and fitness. It’s like Zoom, just made specifically for teaching fitness and yoga in small groups of up to 12 people. If you’d like to host larger classes, or prefer using Zoom, you can seamlessly integrate it with Strydal.

You can currently use Strydal to run your business if your fiscal residence is in any European country. They are not available for businesses outside of Europe right now.

Key Features

  • Client privacy shield – when activated, clients can’t see or hear each other. You can use it during class to help everyone feel comfortable.
  • Tap a client to speak to them individually. The rest will simply keep practicing undisturbed.
  • Create your own on-demand library of high-quality content and video collections. Upload as many videos as you like. All videos are served in Full HD quality (1080p).
  • Coming soon: ‍Seamlessly play your favourite music during class. No need to send playlists to clients anymore.
  • Accept multiple payment options via Stripe.
  • Analytics and in sights to get an overview into how your channel is doing and to know your audience better.


10% of monthly revenue + 3% payment processing fee



Ubindi aims to help you manage everything around teaching yoga classes so you can focus on what you do best – teaching. They handle payments, class bookings, live classes, client management and more. The platform is clean and simple to use.

Key Features

  • Easily accept credit cards for class bookings, on-demand videos, passes & subscriptions.  You can make payment required, optional, or by donation.
  • Set up your schedule and let students sign-up for classes. Confirmations & reminders are emailed automatically.
  • Basic stats about reservations, attendance and ‘no-shows’ with important insights into how you’re doing.
  • Create a library of class recordings. Accept payments for single video access, or connect your videos to passes or subscriptions (just as for live classes). You can host your videos wherever you like, for example YouTube or Vimeo.
  • If you have a website, your class schedule, videos and package offerings can be embedded right there. Easily customized to match your site, Ubindi widgets are simple to install.


Free Plan: Manage up to 50 students, 5% transaction fee.

Essential: $10 per month, 2% transaction fee, unlimited students, embed schedule on your website

Pro: $99 per month, no transaction fee, unlimited students, embed schedule on your website

You can save when you sign up for an annual plan.



Here you go, that was A LOT of information! I don’t have the one platform that I think is the best for everybody, but I hope this overview gave you a bit of clarity.

To choose the yoga software that’s right for you I recommend that you start by making a list of all your must-have and nice-to-have features and then narrow it down to 2-3 platforms that you want to look at in more detail.

Sign up for a trial, have a look around and then make a decision and move on. It’s very easy to drag this process of choosing the right platform out indefinitely, but this will get you nowhere. In the end it’s the quality of your content and teaching that will attract your students, not how the page looks where they sign up for a class.