By Susanne Rieker

Your homepage is very often the first page someone sees when they visit your website (unless they follow a link to a blog post for example), and it’s a really important page. When someone visits your homepage, you want to show them all the different options they have and direct them to the right offers you have to help them.

We want your homepage to be optimized and designed in a way that it’s acting as a money-making marketing machine for you.

The 5 Key Elements to Designing a Money-Making Homepage Pinterest Graphic


Attention spans are low, you only have a few seconds for someone to come to the decision to click somewhere, so you need to be strategic with how you structure your homepage and what you put on it.

I’m going to share 5 key elements of designing a money-making homepage with you. There are of course more elements, but these are the 5 most important. If you’re looking for a way to DIY your own website, step by step, click by click, take a look at my Blissful Websites course.

#1 Brand Message

Your brand message should be the headline or block of text that people see right at the top when they come to your homepage, so it’s visible right away. This is where you want to communicate what you do and how you help people, so they know they are in the right place.

If you’re a local business, include your location in your header as well! It can be very frustrating when you visit a website and you can’t actually find where this person is located – this is a sure-fire way get people to click off your website straight away.

It’s also important to include your location for SEO purposes so when someone searches something like “private yoga teacher in [LOCATION]”, you show up in the results because you have this clearly stated on your homepage as well as in other places throughout your website content/copy.

When you write your brand message, there’s no need to be fancy, simple and to-the-point most often works best. You don’t want people to wonder “what does she mean with that?”. You don’t want it to be confusing or watered down. Keep it simple and clear so people take action.

To come up with your brand message think about what you do, who you serve, and the transformation you can help them achieve.

#2 Call To Action

Under your brand message, make sure that people know what to do next after finding out what you can do for them – this is where a great call to action button should be placed.

Think about what you want people to do when they come to your website. It can be a single action like an application to a new program you have (I like to the application page for my Blissful Biz Incubator program) or it could be a link to a free discovery call with you or even an anchor link that scrolls down to a section where you showcase how people can work with you.

It’s an important button so make sure to link to something that’s important for your business, and not something like your about page or contact page.

#3 Images

Showing your face on your homepage is important – people need to see you. It’s one of the biggest ways of building trust and will work in your favor when it comes to selling your offers. If you are a personal brand, you need a photo of yourself and not stock images.

On that note, before you hire someone to design a fancy logo or build your website, invest in a professional photoshoot because I promise it will serve you so much more.

#4 Stellar Introduction

The next key element to designing a money-making homepage is having a strong, to the point bio that introduces yourself and shows people why you are the person to help them. This only needs to be 1-2 paragraphs but should answer the question of why people should trust you to teach them what they want to learn, and why you are the right person for them.

You can share more details on your about page, but you should also talk about it briefly on your homepage. When writing this section, remember that your website shouldn’t be about you, it should be about how you help your customers, so focus on how you help them, what problems you help them solve, and not about where you studied and with whom and how great you are.

#5 Testimonials

What other people are saying about working with you is powerful, and needs to have a place on your website homepage. It not only adds credibility to what you do, but will inspire people to take action and put them in the purchasing mindset.

We all read testimonials, right? This is part of the reason why Amazon became so successful because the reviews and word of mouth pretty much sell the items. This can work for you too, but you have to get the right kind of testimonials and feedback from people.

For example, as nice as it is to hear how nice someone is to work with, do they get you results? Did they transform a certain aspect of your life? Did they take you from point A to point B? You want students/customers who have results to share so that other people can see the value of your offerings.

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