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Writing copy for your website is hard, especially when you’re starting from scratch. Maybe you know the sinking feeling of looking at a blank page and wondering, “What now?” This can be especially daunting when you write copy for your website, where there are numerous factors and objectives to consider, like how to write so that your copy helps you sell your services.

That’s why I’ve created a template especially for yoga teachers with examples and fill-in-the-blank copy for every page of your website you need. With these templates, you can skip that blank page paralyzation stage and get rolling with your copywriting!


A quick video training where I teach you how to write great copy for your website and what mistakes to avoid. I share the exact steps I use to write my website copy.

The 22 pages website copy template in a PDF and Microsoft Word format that includes examples and fill-in-the-blank copy.

Copy examples to get you started for the following pages of your website: homepage, about page, yoga classes and schedule, private classes, membership, blog and contact form.

Blissful Biz Podcast | 5 Steps to Create a Brand as a Yoga Teacher That Helps You Stand Out

When it comes to your website design and usability are important, but what will really help you sell your services is your website copy.

Even for talented writers, writing copy for a website is an intentional form of writing that has to be learned and practiced. It’s a skillset that rarely comes easy.

My goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you by providing you with examples and a template to follow, so you can get your copy done and go back to doing what you do best – helping people.


  • You’re just getting started with your website and want some help writing your website copy.

  • You already have a website but is doesn’t feel like a good representation of your brand and what you offer and you want to improve the copy.

  • You know that your website copy and how you explain what you do has a huge impact in converting your visitors into paying customers.

Hi, I’m Susanne!

After +20 years working in digital marketing, I know a thing or two about websites and how to set them up so they convert.

My goal is to help you write great copy for your website that will explain what you do, what you’re offering and get you more students… all while serving your people in a powerful and impactful way.

Let’s do this!

Thank you!
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