By Susanne Rieker

Social Media is changing all the time and what was working a few years ago might not work anymore. But it seems like there is so much new information all the time, it’s hard to know where to turn and what to do. I want to help you cut through the noise and learn the most important strategies that work right now and that will set you up for success.

Instagram Hashtags For Yogis – How To Get Quality Engagement & Attract Followers

5 Tips What’s Working in Social Media Right Now:

1. Get Your Camera Rolling

What’s working now on Facebook and Instagram? In a word: VIDEO! I’m talking live video via Facebook Live or Instagram Stories as well as pre-recorded videos. Facebook and Instagram both give more organic reach to videos, so more people will see your posts. Videos are also about being real and authentic, which a lot of us are craving right now because we are tired of the perfect Instagram shots we see everywhere. Audiences are responding more to an everyday selfie video message rather than anything that’s too perfect.

2. Create Animated Images or Gifs

Somewhere in the middle between videos and images come animated images. Animated images are basically moving images that use some element of continuous motion in a static image that makes it look like a mini-movie. The idea here is to capitalize on the fact that most people will stop their feed if they see a little bit more action…

It’s not as difficult to create animated images as you might think. Strike up a pose or snap a memorable image, add some motion to it and combine it with an audio clip or a well-thought-out caption. Animoto is a great tool, or you can get the Ripl app for your phone. And I love Canva (*affiliate link) to create great-looking visual content for social media – it even allows you to create Gifs now.

3. Less Posts, More Quality

After Facebook started to restrict how many of your followers are seeing your posts, many people tried to trick that algorithm by reposting content and posting numerous times per day.

Facebook and Instagram both have the problem now that they are running out of space to show all those posts. So they are looking more for quality content that their users will be happy to see and engage with. This means that when you’re creating content to share, you have to make sure it’s a great experience for your followers. The more people engage with your post, the better. Simply posting and reposting as much as possible isn’t working anymore.

To get really specific, it’s enough to post on Facebook every 3-4 days. On Instagram, you can post more often but I would recommend experimenting with less posts too. What works today is posting less content, but putting more effort into each post. If you need some fresh inspiration on what to post, get my cheat sheet with 50 ideas on what to post on social media for yoga teachers.

4. Give your posts a strong start

If your post on Facebook or Instagram gets a strong start, meaning many people are liking or commenting on it right away, it’s going to be shown to even more people.

This is how it works: after you post your content, Facebook will selectively show your post to a few of your fans. Depending on how they react, it will be either shown to a wider audience or disappear in the black Facebook hole. So if someone clicks like, or love, or is sharing your post, this is telling Facebook that your post could be interesting to your followers. A strong start is incredibly important, more so than ever before.

So what can you do to get that surge in engagement? Facebook doesn’t like you asking for likes (you can’t simply write something like “like this post if you agree anymore), so you got to get creative here. Think about what you can do in your post that gets people to react. Give them something they can experience and not just watch and Facebook will reward you for that.

5. Care about your community, not about your numbers

Instead of focusing on your follower numbers, start building an engaged community. If you see someone who has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram but each post only gets a few likes and comments, that’s low engagement and in the end, the high numbers are not really that impressive.

A great tool to build a community is starting a Facebook group. Facebook groups allow you to really engage with your followers and for them to engage with each other too, this is what I love most about them. If you’re afraid that you are not big enough to start a Facebook group, fret not my friend. Facebook groups come in all sizes and there’s no need to think that you won’t be able to attract enough people to join.