By Susanne Rieker

Do you love Instagram too? I do and I’m not alone. With over 200 million active users, it’s definitely a well-loved social media outlet and it hosts a huge yoga community! But how in the world do these famous Insta-Yogis get thousands of Instagram followers? Well, they get some help, that’s how. For example with some of these super-cool apps that you have to get if you want to up your Instagram game:


Best Instagram Apps for Yogis

VSCO for filters and editing your Instagram photos

If you are looking for an app to give all your photos a unified style, VSCO is your answer. This app has a huge selection of filters that you can use on your photos. The app is free but you’ll have to fork out on bundles for more filters. I recommend searching Pinterest for VSCO filter inspiration to find your favorites. I like to have one or two favorite filters that I use for all of my photos, that way when I look at my page as a whole, all of the photos have a similar feel.

Hyperlapse for super-cool videos

Another must-have Instagram app is Hyperlapse. Hyperlapse enables users to create amazing time lapse videos. I love this app’s ease of use: Hyperlapse makes creating super-cool time lapse videos far easier than you would ever have imagined possible. The app is free and is available for iPhone and iPad.

Mosaico to plan and sort the images in your Instagram feed

Mosaico allows you to plan your Instagram feed and check how all your images fit together. You can add images, do bulk uploads, and it also has functions for scheduling and hashtagging your posts. My favorite feature is the quick drag and drop positioning that help you turn your feed into a work of art. Mosaico costs $5.99, a reasonable price to pay it if you are serious about styling your Instagram feed.

Tagomatic to find the best hashtags

Tagomatic makes adding hashtags to your posts sooo much easier! You simply enter a single hashtag that you’ll normally use and Tagomatic will search among the most trending hashtags and choose the best ones related to yours. You’ll discover new hashtags that you’d never thought of.

Later to schedule your posts ahead

Instagram can be such a huge time-sucker! To help you stay sane and not glued to your smartphone 24/7, plan your posts ahead and schedule them with Later. You even can add Instagram photos from your computer! You’ll still have to go online and actually publish them at the time you scheduled them for (Instagram doesn’t allow anything else), but it’s still a huge time-saver because you’ll just have to press one button. There’s a free plan for up to 30 posts a month.

With a big maybe – using bots to grow your followers

Bots are the secret weapon nobody talks about openly or admits to using. It’s a bot that likes posts for you and publishes comments in your name. I tried it and have to admit that I was happy with the results, it definitely works if you set it up correctly. But it totally takes all the fun out of Instagram too and that’s why I decided not to use it anymore. You’ll also have to be aware that bots are against Instagram’s TOS and you can have your account permanently shut down for using it.

The truth is, if you want to build a brand that is real and authentic there is no quick fix. You’re going to have to be intentional and choose to take the time to reach out to users who align with you and what you’re offering.

These are some of the most popular apps for Instagram. Do you have any other you recommend? Please do share – I’d love to try them out!