By Susanne Rieker

Pinterest? Really? Let me tell you, it’s not just about wedding inspiration and recipes anymore. Pinterest has some serious yogipreneurs that are sharing tutorials, videos and sequences and more and have amazing success driving.

I love Pinterest because it’s visual – like Instagram – but it also links to your website. This means that you can get crazy traffic to your blog from Pinterest! True fact: Pinterest is my second highest traffic source after Google and I get hundreds of visitors a day from Pinterest.

The best thing for all you lovely yoga teachers out there? It’s not overcrowded yet in the yoga niche and you have a real chance to stand out and get great results.

So let’s get’s started with my guide how to set up Pinterest for yoga teachers!

How To Get Started With Pinterest For Yoga Teachers

1. Sign up for a business account

First you need to join as a business. Click here to sign up for a free account or convert your personal account.

A business account will give you more authority on Pinterest and you will also be able to access the Analytics that Pinterest provides its business account holders.

It doesn’t cost you anything, and makes a huge difference when you are able to see what is being pinned. I check these analytics monthly to see what works best and use these insights when I come up with new blog ideas.

2. Verify your website

Confirming that you own your website adds your profile picture to any pin that came from your site. It also has an impact on your analytics as you will be able to see what people are Pinning from your website. And it’s really not too difficult to setup, you can totally do this!

If you’re using Squarepace simply navigate to Settings > Connected Accounts > Pinterest Account > Connect. This will then ask you to authorize the connection between Pinterest and Squarespace.

If you’re using WordPress, copy the code from Pinterest (you’ll get this in ‘Settings’, ‘Confirm Website’) and enter this code into the <head> section of your index.html file. Normally you can do this in your theme settings or through a header plugin. Once you’ve done that, click the “finish” button back on Pinterest and your business website should be confirmed.

3. Create your first boards

On Pinterest, boards are the areas where you can save and share the content you “pin.” To set up your first board, go to your profile and you’ll see a link to create a board. From there, you’ll need to choose a name for your board, add a description and choose a relevant category.

Set up your first 10 boards this way, for example:

  • Yoga Tutorials
  • Free Yoga Videos
  • Yin Yoga
  • Meditation Tips
  • Yoga Poses
  • Yoga Quotes
  • Chakras
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Yoga Fun
  • Handstands

When you create your boards, they should be tailored to what you’re teaching and your expertise. Make sure that they fit in with your audience, and your niche.

4. Start pinning

You should aim to add a minimum to 20 pins to each board. To find pins to add to one of your boards, look at the pins in your feed. To get to your feed simply click on the Pinterest icon in the top left corner. You can also search for pins for a specific topic. Make sure that you always pin high-quality content that appeals to your audience.

5. Add your own pins to Pinterest

Next you want to add pins for your content to your boards on Pinterest. The easiest way to pin images you find online is by using the Pinterest browser button or through a share-button.

You can also upload your images directly to Pinterest. Visit and click on the “+“ symbol in the top-right corner and upload your image. You can add a description and choose the board you want to pin to. Don’t forget to add the link to your website, otherwise the pin will not have a link. To do this open your new pin and click on ‘edit‘ to add a link to your website.

Mix your own pins with pins from other people. Your Pinterest feed should consist of about 80% other people’s content and 20% your own.

Congratulation, your Pinterest account is all set up and you have a beautiful, active profile to attract followers. Stay active on Pinterest and pin between 10 and 50 pins daily and you’ll see results quickly!