By Susanne Rieker

I don’t know about you, but I looove making plans for the coming year – when I can high five myself for rocking last year, let go of anything that didn’t, and focus on planning something amazing.

I started Happy Yoga Marketing at the end of 2016, so the last year was all about building a platform and community and creating helpful & inspiring content consistently. I also traveled quite a bit, practicing yoga in 7 countries (Germany, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, UK, Japan and Singapore), and moved into a new home in Bali. Many of you ask if I’m teaching yoga in Bali. I’m not, mainly because I’m focusing on Happy Yoga Marketing and Happy Yoga Travels, but also because it’s really difficult to get a work visa here in Bali… I’m fine with focusing on my own practice for now and I’m sure that one day I will get back into teaching because I love it!

Not everything I planned for 2017 worked out. I didn’t earn as much money selling online courses as I hoped and I struggled with growing my business while I was working full-time as a freelancer (to get some money coming in) for nearly 4 months.

On the plus side, I worked with some amazing coaching and website clients and am super proud of the work I did for Dagmar, Margherita, Vanessa and Wanda.

New Year Plans and what I’m working on next

So, are you ready to hear what’s coming next?

I want to dive deeper into developing online courses and have some big plans for 2018! I launched Build Your Yoga Website at the end of 2017 and I hope to sell more courses in 2018. I will also add more lessons to make it even more valuable. I got some great feedback from my students (I love you!) and I’m super motivated to make it the best website course that you could find anywhere.

A great website is the foundation. But what I really want is to help yoga teachers grow an online business that can add an additional income stream and allow you more freedom – freedom to take time off from having to teach classes every day, freedom to travel, freedom to take care of kids or family, freedom to attend trainings and workshops or freedom to simply take time off for yourself…

In 2018, I want to offer an online course that will teach you step-by-step how to create your own digital product and sell it to your students and clients. I know that this is something that a lot of you are planning to do and that the whole technical side of it can be totally overwhelming. This will be coming soon and I’m already super excited about it!

I also plan to improve my Build Your Tribe course and include email marketing and offer an amazing free course. So those are my online course development plans.

Obviously, I plan to stay consistent with my blogging and newsletter schedule. But this year I also want to take some time to update and improve older posts. You don’t always have to create something new – one of my biggest learnings is that quality always trumps quantity.

One of my most surprising learnings in 2017 was just how much I love building websites and I plan to invest some time and money in improving my design and photoshop skills. If you’re interested to work with me, click here to learn more.

I also want to hire a VA (virtual assistant) to delegate some recurring tasks.

On a personal level, I’m happy in Bali and don’t have a lot of travel plans this year, but there’s an epic road trip from Melbourne to Sydney coming up in February/March, which I’m soooo looking forward to! Summer I will spend in Germany and otherwise I’ll be in Bali.

I have a few more things in the pipeline that I’m keeping under wraps for now. Stay tuned!

How I stay organized

To keep all my plans in one place I use Asana, a free online project management tool. You can learn more about Asana and how to set it up here.

I created a new project and set it as a board (not list). Then I created a column for every month. And finally, I added the projects I want to focus on for each month. I also added planned holidays. I come back to this plan every month and fine-tune the upcoming months.

Asana board

This works much better for me than a plan written on paper because it’s easy to change and adapt. I can put in some rough plans for the coming months and get more detailed when I know more about what I need to focus on.

Tell me: What’s your plan for 2018? How can I support you? What content would you love to get from me? Send an email to, I would love to hear from you. Or hop over to our Facebook group and share it with the community.