By Susanne Rieker

Margherita, a successful yoga teacher and retreat organizer based in London, asked me to revamp her website and I quickly jumped on board! Her previous website wasn’t cohesive with the quality and style of her work, so we spent a few weeks partnering together to create something more fitting for her yoga business. I’m excited to give you an inside look into the design process as well as reveal the final website.

Insights from my Website Relaunch for Margherita Dal Pra

Margherita wanted a clean layout with lots of white space that’s warm and inviting at the same time. She shared some websites with me that she liked (that’s always a great first step) and we discussed her needs and requirements. At the moment yoga retreats are making up the biggest part of her business so that’s what we were going to put the focus on.

Next, I created a mood board with colors, fonts, and photography styles I recommended. I also included a simple logo made with the “Beautiful” Font that we purchased from

Mood Board

The handwritten font brings in some softness and femininity, while the “Special Elite” font I used for the navigation menu and headlines lends itself to a playful, handmade feel. For the body copy, I choose “Montserrat Light”.

The colors are soft and feminine and are supposed to remind you of the sea and the beach. They are the perfect background for the images from the amazing locations of Margherita’s retreats.

Photography was a bit of a challenge because Margherita didn’t have a lot of professional images and I had to add stock images that I bought on Canva (*affiliate link). Having your own images from a professional photoshoot is always preferable, but sometimes you just have to be pragmatic and work with what you’ve got. We both think the images work well and Margherita actually postponed a new photoshoot because she’s happy with how everything looks right now.

The main goal of the new website was to help Margherita sell more of her retreats. I created a beautiful landing page for each retreat, with information about the location, accommodation, food, etc, broken up with lots of images. I also wanted to make it as easy as possible for potential guests to get in touch and inquire or ask about more information, that’s why I added a contact form right below the content so you don’t even need to leave the page to get in touch.

Margherita has been teaching yoga and running yoga retreats for quite a while and has a lot of fantastic feedback. To build trust with new visitors I added some selected testimonials to nearly every page. This way visitors don’t have to search for it – they can see what other people are saying right away.

Margherita’s excitement throughout the entire process has made this project a joy, and I’m thrilled with how everything turned out! Visit the new Margherita Dal Pra website and have a look around for yourself.

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