By Susanne Rieker

Are you frustrated that your Facebook reach declined and your posts don’t reach your followers anymore? Maybe you even want to give up on Facebook?

Don’t do that, after all Facebook is still where everybody hangs out. But fact is, if you share something on your Facebook page, only 1-2 % of the people who liked your page will see your post. Your Facebook reach just isn’t the same anymore.

Because of the restrictions on your Facebook reach you can’t use your Facebook page as the only tool to keep your yoga students and customers up to date. You can’t count on Facebook to let them know about changes in your schedule, upcoming workshops or retreats.

Don’t give up, though! There are still highly effective ways you can use Facebook and I’m happy to share them with you:

7 Strategies to Increase Your Facebook Reach

7 Strategies to Improve Your Facebook Reach

1. Reliability & Consistency

Use Facebook to keep your yoga students up to date on what’s going on: consistently post class schedules, events, workshops…

Even when they don’t see all your updates in their feed, they’ll visit your page when they’re looking for specific information – if they know that they’ll find it there. But you have to be consistent; otherwise people won’t bother visiting your page again. More people visiting your page because they are interested in your content will help you get more organic reach on Facebook.

2. Get the Camera Rolling

Sharing videos and using Facebook Live will help you reach more people and improve your Facebook reach without having to pay for an ad or a boost.

That’s because currently Facebook is giving more organic reach to videos and live video. Include posts of both types and you are more likely to get better organic results on Facebook.

3. Post About Trending Topics

A trending topic is something that a lot of people are talking about at the same moment. This could be for example the election in the US, the unfortunate death of someone famous or a holiday.

Posting something that relates to this topic will automatically get you more organic reach on Facebook. This is because people are reacting to this topic already and Facebook thinks that this content should be interesting to them.

4. Add Facebook Events

Create Facebook events for each of your classes, workshops and retreats. Once you created them, pin the schedule to the top of your page. It will automatically update and show the next 3 classes on your schedule.

When your followers respond and click on ‘going’ or ‘interested’, they will not only get reminders and thus won’t forget your event, their friends will see this in their feeds too. More exposure and Facebook reach for you!

5. Be Active in Facebook Groups

Find Facebook groups where your audience might hang out – for example groups for yoga retreats, for yoga in your city, for health and detox…

Be super helpful in these groups (never spammy), professional and friendly. If you share helpful info continuously, people will get to know you and will check out your profile.

To make sure that they will come to your Facebook business page, include a link to it in the work info on your personal profile. I also use the same profile photo on my personal profile and my business page so people can recognize me.

6. Promote Your Facebook Page

Add social media follow buttons to your website and your emails so it’s easy for your people to find and connect with you on Facebook (and other social networks).

7. Boost Your Posts

Boosting a post means paying Facebook to show your post to more people. All you need to do is click “Boost Post” in the lower right corner of your post.

Many people will tell you that you should never boost posts, instead only use the ad manager. But if you have a great post that works as an ad and simply want to drive traffic to your website, you don’t need an ad, a boost will work just as well. Click here to read my blog post where I tested Facebook boosts against ads.

Only boost posts for your own paid services, for example a workshop or retreat. Never boost posts like quotes or other people’s content, even if Facebook keeps telling you to do so because a post is performing so well.

These are my strategies to improve your Facebook reach. Join my free Facebook group for yoga teachers to ask questions and share your experiences.