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(Even if you’re not a designer, don’t know how to code, and have no idea what you’re doing.)


Does any of this sound familiar?…

  • You’re a yoga teacher in need of a website but don’t know where to start and feel totally overwhelmed…
  • You know you can’t afford to spend heaps of money paying a website designer but you’re worried that when you do it yourself it’s going to look unprofessional (when it should look like a million dollars!)…
  • Or you already have a website, but it’s not what you envision for your brand, you can’t update it easily or you’re afraid of making that one small ‘tweak’ and breaking everything on your website with no way of going back…

Did you raise your hand to any of the above? Good. You are SO in the right spot. 


You don’t need a special ‘design’ gene to design + launch a professional-looking yoga website

Trust me, when I build my first website, I knew nothing about WordPress… as did most of my students who built their websites with the help of this course. If they can do it, so can you!

You too deserve a beautiful online home that matches your personality, attracts the right kind of clients, helps you fill your classes and sell your retreats, workshops and trainings!

It’s time to stop spending money that you can’t afford for expensive website designers who don’t get what you are about and take things into your own hands – with a little bit of help 🙂

I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned about web design so you can…

Authentically stand out as a yoga teacher with a mission. Your website represents you and your brand and attracts students drawn to YOU. People see you as an expert and you know that you’re making a difference in people’s lives.

Feel confident with your website. No more spending money on expensive designers or waiting weeks for a small change because you have no idea how to do it yourself. You know how to update your website and you know it works.

Grow your income by selling your classes, workshops and retreats. Your website is the foundation to build that trust and engagement needed to turn visitors into buyers and generate excitement about your offerings.

Finally have a website you’re proud of and say buh-bye to website shame FOR GOOD!

“I strongly recommend Susanne and her course „Build your own Yoga Website“ – I had mine finished in less than 20 days and I absolutely love it! The course is well structured, easy to understand even if you do not have any experience and Susanne is very helpful even in matters that exceed the scope of the course. She answered all my questions very quickly and was very encouraging and supportive. If you finally want your website set up properly go and join Susanne’s tribe!”

– Daniela Meinl,

Yoga Website Daniela

“My old website was outdated and required a webmaster to make any changes, which was expensive and I didn’t like waiting weeks for updates… so the course came at the perfect time! It was exciting when it all came together at the end and I saw the beautiful results. You are amazing! My next goal is to get my business online and I would love to work with you again, as I don’t want a brick and mortar studio for more than 5 years…”

– Aurora


Introducing: the Yoga Website template.

This is not a course where you’re told some general stuff and then left alone figuring out the details. I created a beautiful yoga website template and I’m teaching you step-by-step how to build this website and customize it with your colors, fonts and content.

The template for Build Your Yoga Website has been tested and specifically designed for yoga teachers. Everything about it is intentional. It’s been designed from the ground up with YOU in mind! Everything is entirely customizable and brandable! And it’s all on the most popular, affordable and easy to use platform in the world – WordPress.

The best part? No coding, Photoshop or complicated software required! It doesn’t matter if you already have a website or start totally fresh. There’s no headache involved, or really any barriers if you know how to use the internet, watch videos and click around. I’m going to hold your hand all the way and make sure you’ll succeed.

Yoga Website Templates

Click on the button below and explore the website template yourself.


Don’t be surprised if you’re asked, ‘Who’s your designer?’ and ‘Is she available for hire?’ over and over … and over again.

Because I’ve curated the best insights I’ve learned over the past 20 years — working with top designers and designing gorgeous websites for my clients — so you can design your OWN yoga website like an A-list designer, without paying A-list rates.

I’ll teach you the exact same system and share the exact same WordPress theme, plugins, and resources I’ve used with my private clients who pay me $1.5K+ to design their websites.

Hi there,

I’m Susanne, yoga teacher and digital marketing expert.

My background is in digital marketing and working for clients like Coca-Cola, BMW, Daimler and P&G at agencies like Grey, Tribal DDB and Razorfish I learned what makes a website a great website.

When I started my own online business, and built my first WordPress website, I wasted so much energy, time and money. I spent weeks and months figuring out how WordPress works, how to customize my website and much more.

I learned the hard way, but eventually figured out all the essential elements to create a powerful website. Today I build websites for yoga teachers and wellpreneurs from around the world. I’m so happy I get to share this with you!

I created Build Your Yoga Website so I can help you building a beautiful & professional online presence that draws in more of your ideal students or clients, without having to pay for an expensive designer or developer.

Here’s what you’ll get…

5 jam-packed modules with 32 lessons that cover everything you need to build your website – creating a simple styleguide, creating your content, setting up your domain and hosting, installing WordPress, building your header, navigation menu, homepage, content pages, and MORE. Each lesson comes with a video where I show you step-by-step what to do. You see me building the website and can follow me mouseclick by mouseclick.

LIFETIME access to the course content – so you’ll be able to go back through the lessons anytime you like and have access to any future updates to the course content.

LIFETIME access to the Build Your Yoga Website Facebook community – a private Facebook group where you can share information, ask questions, and hang out with all the other website building yogis. I’m in there every single day offering support and feedback.

PLUS a tech vault full of tutorials for Mailchimp, SEO, Google Analytics and MORE – so you can skip the headache of trying to figure this out yourself. Everything’s explained for non-techies and easy to follow.

Not included are the Avada WordPress theme ($60), your domain and hosting (from $3.95 per month, for example with Siteground). I’ll show you how to set everything up in the course. You’ll need to invest in these together with the course to build your website.

Don’t miss out on these bonuses:

Productivity Guide: An eBook full of tricks and tools how to organize your business effectively and be more productive (worth $50).

3 alternative style guides: Not a fan of the colors used in the website template? Use one of these alternative style guides to customize your website or as inspiration to create your own (worth $150)

Are you ready to invest?

“I signed up for the Build Your Yoga Website course because I think the website template looked really good and I liked the option of getting talked through everything step by step. I tried building my website with a different theme before, but it was slow and I didn’t know how to customize things. Your course was exactly what I was looking for and thanks to your lessons it became so easy & kind of intuitive to work with WordPress. I’m really excited about how things are coming together now!”

Stefanie Rogge,

“Susanne knows her stuff. She is not only knowledgeable about digital marketing but knows how to communicate with her clients in an inspirational way. She has a way of putting a positive spin on everything. When she gave me suggestions for improvement on my website they made me feel motivated instead of discouraged. Her advice is always clear and easy to follow. I was able to make many changes on my own site with her guidance. I would highly recommend working with Susanne in as many ways as possible. I truly believe that with her guidance you will flourish.”

Abby Grajewski,


“I highly recommend Susanne! She helped me put together my website very fast and effectively. As a yoga teacher, I don’t have a lot of experience with web stuff and Susanne definitely goes the extra mile to help when I have difficulties with my website, like actually taking time to contact my provider and telling me what to do. Not only does she have strong work ethics, she has so much knowledge. I feel very confident that if you use her services, you will have a top notch experience. You’re in good hands!”

Rusty Davis,

You’ll learn how to…

Design it

Learn how to choose your colors and fonts (with lots of examples), structure your website content, create your images and write compelling copy. At the end of this module you’ll know what the ‘look and feel’ of your yoga biz is and how to infuse it throughout your website.

Set up

I’ll show you how to choose your domain and hosting package, set up WordPress and install the Avada theme. Already have a website? Learn how to create a subdomain that you can use to develop your new website, while your existing website stays live until you’re ready to switch.

Build it

Follow my step-by-step instructions on how to actually build your website page by page. Lessons cover the header, footer, homepage, about page, schedule (including connecting to Google calendar), events, testimonials, blog, contact and privacy. You’ll learn how to use the easy drag-and-drop page builder and how to customize your website and make it YOURS.

Go live

Ready to share your beautiful website with the world? I’ll talk you through all the steps needed to go live with your new website and how to keep it up to date and safe.

Are you ready to invest?


You know what you want:

A website that works

And that helps you attract more students, sell your retreats and grow your business on autopilot.

Affordable and fast

You don’t have time or money to waste. Save the cost for a website developer and get your website live fast.

Drool-worthy design

An amazing looking website that’s professional & beautiful, without hiring an expensive designer.

If you know your student numbers are suffering because your website is simply not working (or non-existent), you’ve been feeling overwhelmed about knowing where to start, and you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and build your own website – this course is for you!

Ready to have a yoga website that works?


  • Self-study, so you can go at your own pace
  • 5 modules that cover everything from branding to building your website
  • Lifetime access to all modules, lessons and bonuses
  • Access to private Facebook group with other course members & Susanne for daily support and feedback


$6 x $57
  • Self-study, so you can go at your own pace
  • 5 modules that cover everything from branding to building your website
  • Lifetime access to all modules, lessons and bonuses
  • Access to private Facebook group with other course members & Susanne for daily support and feedback

* Not included in the price is the Avada WordPress theme and hosting, you’ll have to pay for that on top. Please note that VAT (sales tax) will be added to the total price if you are residing in the EU.

Expect an unprecedented amount of support, guidance, and inspiration.

You’ll get the answers you need, the feedback you want, and the motivation you desire so you can finish your website in 30 days.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied or the program doesn’t seem like a good fit, you may request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked.

Any questions?
Send me an email at and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the colors and fonts?2018-09-07T15:26:19+00:00

Definitely! With WordPress and the Avada theme, you can change all of the colors, fonts, and styling with ease. I’ll also show you how to create your own graphics using free tools!

Can I add more pages to my website?2018-09-07T15:25:52+00:00

Yes! After you’ve learned how to use the drag-and-drop builder and created your first pages, you’ll know how to add more easily. And of course you can always leave pages out as well.

Is there any technical support?2018-09-07T15:25:26+00:00

I give you all the information and easy to use training that you need to create your website. There’s also a private Facebook page where I’m happy to answer all your questions. However, purchasing this course does not include any one-on-one technical support.

Are you sure I won’t get confused or overwhelmed?2018-09-07T15:24:19+00:00

Pinky swears! I’ll show you step-by-step how to build your website, for example signing up with a hosting company, installing WordPress, creating all the pages you need… Everything’s been developed with beginners in mind. The strategy I recommend: watch a little video, pause, do it on your backend, get excited by seeing your progress, and repeat.

What types of tools & services do I need to buy?2018-09-07T15:23:50+00:00

You’ll need to buy the Avada WordPress theme from Themeforest. It’s a one-time fee of $60. You’ll also need your own hosting package. Prices start at around $4 monthly. You don’t need Photoshop or any other premium tools. I sometimes recommend apps and tools that could make your life easier, but they are always optional.

How will I access the course?2018-09-07T15:23:22+00:00

To access Build Your Website you will log into a membership site where you can follow along with the video lessons and download the attached files.

How long do I have access to the course?2018-09-07T15:22:48+00:00

You’ll have life-time access to the course. I also regularly check the course to see if there’s anything I can add or need to update.

Do I have to use WordPress?2018-09-07T15:21:45+00:00

This training covers building a self-hosted WordPress website. Every single lesson is based on doing this within WordPress. So, I would have to say yes, you’ll need and your own hosting.

Is this course only for yoga teachers?2018-09-07T15:20:39+00:00

The topics taught in this course are totally relevant and valuable for all spiritual entrepreneurs, but the content on the yoga website template has been developed specifically with yoga teachers in mind. This doesn‘t mean that you couldn’t adapt it to a different topic though.

How long will this course really take me?2018-09-07T15:20:10+00:00

Added up, the course videos are just over 5 hours in total. The individual videos are 8-15 minutes on average.

The course is designed to be implemented as you go, and if you commit 1 to 2 hours a few days a week, you should have no trouble completing the course in 30 days.


Just by purchasing this course, your new gorgeous website won’t materialize out of thin air. You’ll have to actually do the work. Your results may vary depending on your tastes, eye for design, and speed of picking up new technology skills (no matter how basic). I’ve taken every effort to make it as easy as possible and promise you won’t need any advanced skills and tools such as Photoshop.

I’m here to support you as much as I can, but you have to show up to the party first! I’m a totally self-taught designer and web builder, so if I can do it, you can, too! Isn’t technology amazing these days?