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Does this sound like you?

You’re a yoga teacher or wellness entrepreneur and you…

want to bring your life’s work online to reach more people (and stop selling your time for money!) but the technology & marketing overwhelms you.

know you want to launch an online course but haven’t been very focused on making it happen because you’re as nervous about success as you are about failing.

are ready to grow your business, income & impact in a way that feels truly sustainable and aligned with your values.

just want someone to hold your hand and tell you exactly what to do in the exact order you need to do it.

Whether you’re ready to take your business to the next level or just have enough freedom and income to take your family on vacation, this 12-week program could be a huge leap toward making it happen.

What if you:

Would be the go-to leader in your niche and having hundreds (or thousands) of customers thanking you for helping them to get exactly what they wanted?

Could blow the cap off of your income goals and have limitless income potential?

Are finally being able to take amazing vacations, pay off your debt, and spend more time with your friends and family while working from home?

Could earn for your spiritual work without having to actually trade hours for dollars?


You too can turn your passion into a seriously profitable online business, even when you don’t have an audience or yet and have no idea where to start.


You know you have something valuable to share but you have so many questions:

How can *I* create passive income from an online course without knowing the first bit about tech and where to get started?

Will anyone buy a course from me? There are already tons of other courses on the same topic I’d teach… what would set me apart?

How would I even create my course, like filming and editing it, and um, how do I write a sales page? There are just so many things involved!

OK – take a deep breath. Your product is going to be brilliant. You will have a step-by-step plan. And I’m there to help you answer all those questions along the way.

Blissful Biz Academy


The Blissful Biz Academy is the most comprehensive program for yoga teachers and wellness entrepreneurs to teach you how to build your audience, create an online course and build a profitable online business.

I’m breaking down EVERY step you need to know to build your online business and make a bigger impact. You’ll know exactly what to focus on next by following my step-by-step system I used to build a six-figure business.

I’m committed to your success and you’ll get feedback and tons of accountability whenever you need it to blast through the roadblocks that have kept you from being consistent, taking action, and moving forward.


“Susanne’s course was absolutely invaluable to moving my yoga business online. I’m so glad I made the investment, which got quickly paid off when I launched my course and sold over 50! I had a very small audience to begin with, but Susanne’s tips helped me grow that list to over 700 over a few months. I also appreciated her encouragement and guidance that kept me on track, especially during the times I doubted myself! I honestly don’t think I would have had the success I did with my course had it not been for following the steps that Susanne clearly put together in her course. I highly recommend this to anyone, especially if you have no marketing experience. You can’t not take her course!”

Vero Kruta,

“In my first launch of my online course I sold 15 spots, it was sold out! This still feels amazing! The biggest challenge I had was that I felt I was not ready. But thanks to the step by step plan I could follow I realized that yes, I can do this! If you’re on the fence of buying this course, you should do it, you’re not going to regret it!”

Ana Pineda


A clearly defined brand + message that attracts the perfect audience for your business.

Nailed down your online course idea (instead of spending yet another year just thinking about it).

Built your email list and social media following with people who are already excited about your offers and can’t wait to buy your course.

Expertly recorded and published all your course content (even if you’re a total technophobe and have never recorded a single video in your entire life).

Launched your online course with a super fun 5-day challenge that got people really excited to join your program.


Set up an automated email funnel to sell your online course 24/7.

But above all else, Blissful Biz Academy will give you the confidence to finally make the lucrative leap to “onlinebusiness owner.”

Meet Ana, Yoga Teacher and Scientist

Ana launched a course for scientists, teaching them more mindful scientific writing – talk about a small niche! She sold out all 15 spots in her first launch. Watch her interview to learn more.

Hi, I’m Susanne

4 years ago, I was living in Bali, dreaming about being location independent and able to work from anywhere. My dream was having a global online business, working with yoga teachers and wellness entrepreneurs from around the world.

I launched my first online course in 2016 and I was secretly afraid that NO ONE would buy it. But within one year I’ve enrolled over 50 students and since then I’ve launched 4 more courses and a membership, enrolled nearly 500 paying students into my programs and am now earning over 6-figures per year.

The truth is, I spent way too much time figuring out stuff like how to build the right audience, where to host my online course and the best way to sell it successfully, but eventually I figured out all the essential elements to create an online course and sell it without feeling like a sleazy used car salesperson.

I created the Blissful Biz Academy so I can help you change your business model and generate more income while helping more people, all through successfully selling online courses. I’m so happy I get to share this with you!

“As a yoga teacher there are a million of things you ”should do” to market yourself and it can feel like a jungle out there in the digital world. Susanne provides valuable tips and shares her own personal experience (which is so nice – with REAL authentic sharing!) in a very humble way. I love working with Susanne as she’s not ”just” a digital marketer but she’s a yoga teacher. This makes all the difference. To work with someone who really knows what it’s like in the yoga business industry, sees how the digital marketing world keeps evolving and adapts all of that to us teachers.”

Lisa Andersson Rhodiner, Inspiro Yoga

“Susanne is a super organised digital marketing professional with an open and curious mind and a very happy healthy attitude to her work and clients. I enjoy the combination of Susanne’s great ideas, the way that she motivates you to be consistent in your focused effort, the way that she makes digital marketing sound and feel less daunting and awesome constructive feedback she provides. Besides being great at what she does, Susanne is very straightforward, easy to work with and fun, she’s got her feet on the ground and will expertly guide you through what you need to know about the digital marketing.”

Elena Mironov, Sparkling Yoga Retreats


A global pandemic has issued us an enormous wake-up call. Along with this has come fear, anxiety, stress and the world needs yoga and spiritual guidance, now more than ever.

I believe this universal disruption of every aspect of our lives is an opportunity, albeit an extraordinarily painful one, for us to learn and evaluate. To see what we DO have, not just what we’ve lost. To explore how we can put our years of practice into play and look beyond the self. To get creative with how we stay connected and support and hold space for each other.

You too have an online course inside you, I promise! We just need to unlock it and get what’s in your head and your heart into the hands of the people who need it.

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