Learn how to get a website that will help you attract more students and sell your services like woah without the tech overwhelm or paying a designer the big bucks.

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Six elements to add to your homepage that will help you convert your website visitors into paying customers.


My step-by-step process for building your website from A to Z – without tech overwhelm or having to pay a designer the big bucks.

Why every yoga teacher needs a website
Want a gorgeous website?

It’s simply not possible these days to build a thriving business without a powerful online presence. And yet so many yoga teachers and wellness entrepreneurs I speak with have websites they know are terrible (hello website shame) or are trying to grow a business without a website at all.

Don’t fall into this trap! You too deserve a gorgeous online home that matches your personality, attracts the right kind of clients and helps you sell your offerings.

Join me for this free workshop to get fully updated on what it takes to build your dream website!

This training is for you if…
  • You don’t have a website yet and have no clue where to start. What platform should you use? What needs to go on it? What should you write?

  • You already have a website, but despite all the time and effort you put into it you’re still not happy with it. Website shame, it’s real!

  • You can’t afford to spend heaps of money paying a website designer, but you’re scared that when you DIY your website it will look unprofessional.

Hi, I’m Susanne!

I’m a yoga teacher and digital marketing expert with over 20 years experience working in digital marketing. I have worked with clients such as Coca-Cola, BMW or Daimler and I know what makes a website both beautiful and functional.

But when I started my own online business and designed my first WordPress website, I still wasted so much energy, time and money. I spent weeks and months figuring out how WordPress works, how to customize my website, what plugins work best without slowing down my site and much more.

I learned the hard way, but eventually figured out all the essential elements to create a gorgeous website that converts with minimal effort (like no coding involved). I’m so happy I get to share this with you!

Susanne Rieker
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