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Does this sound familiar?
Does this sound familiar?
  • You’re a yoga teacher, healer, coach or other wellness professional with so much to give, but it feels like no matter how much you’re hustling and working, you’re still just scrapping by.

  • Your client numbers aren’t growing even though you’re showing up every day, doing All. The. Things. You’ve experimented with filming videos, teaching on Zoom, posting on Instagram but nothing seems to move the needle.

  • You’re sitting there confused and overwhelmed, wondering what the heck you’re doing wrong. How make other six-figure wellness entrepreneurs make it look so easy?

  • You just want someone to tell you what to do so you can stop guessing and quit wasting time trying to figure everything out by yourself. Where’s the step-by-step proven roadmap you can follow?

The pandemic has shown you the power of moving your business online, now it’s time to grow it to 6-figures and finally build the wellness online business of your wildest dreams.

Hey, I hear you!
Hey, I hear you!

You want to create a profitable wellness business without working more hours. You want to help people and change lives, while earning enough to support you and your family.

I’ll let you in on a secret: Premium digital offerings, like online courses, are the key to scaling your wellness business to 6-figures and beyond.

By implementing the strategic framework that I provide you’ll be able to increase your income and invite more freedom and flexibility in your life.

You became a yoga teacher, healer or coach to help people, not to work all the time and burn out. It’s time to claim your freedom back.

What if

…you could blow the cap off of your income goals and have limitless income potential?

Imagine being the go-to leader in your wellness niche and having hundreds (or thousands) of customers thanking you for helping them to get exactly what they wanted.

Imagine having the brand and premium offerings that attract people eager to work with you and pay you well.

Imagine having a roadmap to follow with copy/paste templates & tutorials to simplify the techy parts of building your wellness online business (like your website, freebies, sales pages and opt in pages).

Yes, you too can turn your passion for wellness into a seriously profitable online business, even when you don’t have an audience yet and have no idea where to start.


„Thanks to Susanne, I launched my first online course to over 50 students!

“Susanne’s course was absolutely invaluable to moving my yoga business online. I’m so glad I made the investment, which quickly paid off when I launched my course and sold over 50 spots! I had a very small audience to begin with, but Susanne’s tips helped me grow that list to over 700 over a few months!”

– Veronika Kruta, Tango & Yoga Teacher

You know you want to create a thriving wellness online business, but you have so many questions:

How can *I* create passive income from online products without knowing the first bit about tech and where to get started?

Will anyone buy a course from me? There are already tons of other courses on the same topic I’d teach… what would set me apart?

How big does my audience need to be in order to make enough money – and how can I actually grow it these days with the algorithm making it impossible to reach your followers?

How would I even create my course, like filming and editing it, and um, how do I write a sales page? There are just so many things involved!

OK – take a deep breath. These questions are exactly why I created:

Blissful Biz Incubator

The Blissful Biz Incubator is a unique 12-month group coaching intensive for wellness entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable online business so they can earn more revenue and make a bigger impact, without the tech confusion and overwhelm.


With a combination of thorough step-by-step strategy and high-touch support (this isn’t a course!), you’ll implement the complete Blissful Biz Incubator framework:


You learn how to narrow your vision and get clear on your niche and messaging. Next you design your brand and website and set up your offers so you can start making more money right away. Just imagine having a beautiful website that by itself turns your visitors into paying customers, 24/7!



You turn your expertise into irresistible online services to make more money right away, and after that create your signature online course and launch it following a proven plan, so you can start to scale your income and make a bigger impact.


You get the tools and strategies to grow your audience to get more clients and have bigger launches. We teach you our top-strategies for list-building, including freebies, welcome sequences, blogging and how to sell your digital products on evergreen. You’ll know exactly what to do to attract new people and turn them into paying customers.

Real people, real results
Real people, real results
Testimonial Ana
Testimonial Ana

“Thanks to the step-by-step plan I could follow I realized that yes, I can do this!

“In my first launch of my online course I sold 15 spots, it was sold out! This still feels amazing! The biggest challenge I had was that I felt I was not ready. But thanks to the step-by-step plan I could follow I realized that yes, I can do this! If you’re on the fence of working with Susanne, you should do it, you’re not going to regret it!”

– Ana Pindea, Yoga Teacher

“The modules were so full of value and were really easy to follow!

The Blissful Biz Academy was essential for me to create my online course. I was feeling lost in the beginning and didn’t know where to start. The modules were so full of value and were really easy to follow that I was able to create a clear, step-by-step plan for my online program. It’s just about to launch and I’m so excited for it! I can’t thank Susanne enough for her wisdom and guidance on my first course launch.”

– Leannah Lumauig, Life Coach

“The modules were so full of value and were really easy to follow!

The Blissful Biz Academy was essential for me to create my online course. I was feeling lost in the beginning and didn’t know where to start. The modules were so full of value and were really easy to follow that I was able to create a clear, step-by-step plan for my online program. It’s just about to launch and I’m so excited for it! I can’t thank Susanne enough for her wisdom and guidance on my first course launch.”

– Leannah Lumauig, Life Coach

“What’s been most valuable for me about this course was learning what’s out there, all the tools and strategies, and getting templates that mean I don’t have to start from scratch!

It’s been really helpful in all aspects and I learned a lot that I can use not only in my business but also in my life, you cover so much in the course and offer huge value. I’ve set up my content calendar and am working on my freebie, and I plan to launch my meditation course in a few months. I know I have everything I need to make it happen.”

– Brooke Medeiros, Yoga Teacher


  • It’ll take you less than 2 minutes to fill out the form and there is no obligation to join or pay anything!
  • Next, I’ll have a look at your application (normally within 24 hours) to see if you’d be a good fit for the Blissful Biz Incubator and get back to you. (I’m not judging you, I just want to make sure that I could help you get results from working with me.)
  • If I accept your application, you get immediate access to my advanced private training “The 3-Part Framework for Turning Your Passion for Wellness into a Profitable 6-Figure Online Business”, as well as all the details about the Blissful Biz Incubator.
  • Now it’s your turn and you can come to a decision if you’d like to join the Blissful Biz Incubator and work with me in your own time.

After our 12 months together, you walk away with:

Clarity about your niche, your offers and where you want to go.

A beautiful website that’s a true asset for your business and that helps you get new clients 24/7.

Aligned offers that sell, for example 1:1 coaching, a membership or online courses.

A content strategy that will help you grow your audience, build trust and establish you as the expert.

A detailed launch strategy to promote your offers in an authentic and genuine way.

Systems in place for continuous growth and success.

But above all else, the Blissful Biz Incubator will give you the confidence to finally make the lucrative leap to “Wellness Online Business Owner.”

What’s included:
What’s included:

You’ll get full access to the entire program curriculum of the Blissful Biz Incubator inside of our student membersite right away.


You will meet with me or a member of our team on Zoom for monthly 30-minute long sessions where we will deep dive into your business and work on action plans to keep you focused, moving towards your goals, and knowing what next steps to take.


You will receive access to the Blissful Biz trainings via Teachable. This includes trainings from my courses Blissful Brand Blueprint, Blissful Websites, Blissful Biz Academy and more trainings that are exclusively available for members in the Blissful Biz Incubator. You’ll learn how to build your brand, grow your audience and create and sell your digital offers. 50+ training videos, workbooks, checklists – everything’s there for you to take action and implement what you’ve learned and we keep adding in new content.


You get templates and layouts that’ll save you tons of time for everything: brand colors, your website design and copy, sales emails, blog posts titles, freebies…


Once per week our team will review everything you create and share. This means we review things like for example your branding, your website, landing pages, email copy, course curriculum and share a recording with our detailed feedback with you. This is what’s missing from online courses, and it alone is worth more than the cost of the program.


These will be live calls for all students to partake in together. Here you’ll get support on anything that is popping up in your business. Unlike individual calls, you’ll be able to learn from the other members in the program as well.


When you publish your website or launch your online course you will have a 1:1 milestone call with a coach to check in and review!


A private Facebook group for all Blissful Biz Incubator students where you can ask questions, share results and connect with other members. Plus, you’ll meet the most amazing friends. When in a community like this, it’s so important that you surround yourself with people who are able to lift you up, answer your questions, and inspire the hell out of you.


You might have gone through programs before where the support provided felt more like cheerleading and not comprehensive enough. Even after implementing what you’ve learned, you’ve been left wondering if you did it right.

Or maybe you’ve worked with a business coach before, but their expertise left you alone trying to figure out how to actually implement things like creating a landing page or writing your sales emails.

To reach your goals, it takes stepping beyond the group programs and stepping into individual attention and support so you can get the attention and eyeballs on your specific business details, while getting access to step-by-step trainings and tutorials to implement what you’ve learned.

This is why in the Blissful Biz Incubator you’re getting a mix of group trainings with one-on-one support so that you get the best of both worlds.


Self-study online trainings, workbooks, templates and swipe files to help you take action and implement what you’ve learned.


1:1 coaching and group calls to get all your questions answered by Susanne and team and connect to the other members.


Individual feedback on the work you submit so you never wonder if you’re on the right track or not.

Hi, I’m Susanne

Creating an online course business has literally transformed my life. I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to transition from an unreasonably-demanding career in advertising, to a broke traveling yoga teacher, to a highly impactful six-figure online business.

More than anything else, I want to share that with you today.

If you’re a yoga teacher, coach, healer or wellness professional of any kind, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see what your life as an online business owner could look like.

To experience firsthand the freedom that it provides — and to take real, tangible steps to transforming the lives of hundreds or even thousands of customers all over the world.

I created the Blissful Biz Incubator so I can help you change your business model and generate more income while helping more people, all through successfully selling online courses and other digital offers. I’m so happy I get to share this with you!

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I guarantee that this private training could be completely and utterly life changing for you.

“As a yoga teacher there are a million of things you ”should do” to market yourself and it can feel like a jungle out there in the digital world. Susanne provides valuable tips and shares her own personal experience (which is so nice – with REAL authentic sharing!) in a very humble way. I love working with Susanne as she’s not ”just” a digital marketer but she’s a yoga teacher. This makes all the difference. To work with someone who really knows what it’s like in the yoga business industry, sees how the digital marketing world keeps evolving and adapts all of that to us teachers.”

Lisa Andersson Rhodiner, Yoga Teacher

“Susanne is a super organised digital marketing professional with an open and curious mind and a very happy healthy attitude to her work and clients. I enjoy the combination of Susanne’s great ideas, the way that she motivates you to be consistent in your focused effort, the way that she makes digital marketing sound and feel less daunting and awesome constructive feedback she provides. Besides being great at what she does, Susanne is very straightforward, easy to work with and fun, she’s got her feet on the ground and will expertly guide you through what you need to know about the digital marketing.”

Elena Mironov, Yoga Teacher


  • You are a yoga teacher, healer, coach or other wellness entrepreneur ready to take their business online, scale your income and make a bigger impact.

  • You want to set up your online business model right to get results more quickly, with a brand and website that represents you and your business and products that feel aligned with your passion.

  • You’re ready to dive in and start sharing content consistently to grow your audience and build trust so you can scale your income.

  • You are committed to taking 100% responsibility for your experience and not blame your results on anyone else. You’re going to show up and ask for feedback.

You have two options:
You have two options:


You can choose to struggle and try to figure this online biz thing out yourself the hard way…



You can join us inside of the Blissful Biz Incubator and spend the next 12 months building a sustainable online business that supports the life you truly want to be living. One where you have consistent income and the know-how to scale as you want.


If you’re ready, apply now for your invitation to join my free private training on “The 3-Part Framework for Turning Your Passion for Wellness into a Thriving Online Business”. Fill out your application ASAP so that I can send you the link to this valuable training.