My Story

Hi there! I’m so happy you want to learn more about me. I’m Susanne Rieker and I’m obsessed with teaching yoga teachers and spiritual entrepreneurs how to create a successful online business. I also build beautiful WordPress websites.

I’m always feeling a bit awkward talking about myself (you probably can relate) but I’m happy to share my story with you and hope it will help you to get to know me a little bit better.

The early years…

I grew up in Hamburg, Germany, with a few stints in New York, New Zealand, Pforzheim and Munich. I definitely inherited my love of traveling from my parents – actually my grandmother still went on a trip to NYC when she was 95 years old…

Even when I was young I always craved something different than the “normal” life with a house in the suburbs and 2 children. I was also ambitious and wanted to be financially independent. So, I studied economics and marketing and made my masters in 1997, with a few summers working at Club Med in Greece thrown in to help with my travel bug.

Stuck in advertising

After my exams, I started working as an account manager in a digital agency in 1997. Those were the wild, wild days in the world of the internet, everything was so new to everyone, and soon I was handling huge website projects for clients like Coca-Cola, Mercedes, BMW and Procter & Gamble.

I loved working on creative projects with a team of super talented designers, copy writers and developers. My job was talking to the client, making sure everyone knew what they had to do, calculating costs and much more. Needless to say, there were a lot of spread sheets in my life. But I also picked up what makes a great website and how to explain things to clients who didn’t have a technical background. Useful skills for what I’m doing today!

When Yoga saved my life

Over time my projects became more and more demanding, I was managing bigger teams and the job was taking over my life… I was overworked, near burn out and unhappy. Something had to change.

A turning point was the first yoga retreat I went on in 2007. I really think it saved my life, at least it changed the direction dramatically. Yoga became a bigger and bigger part of my life and in 2014 I came to Bali for a yoga teacher training.

At that time, I didn’t even dream of becoming a yoga teacher or living in Bali, I just wanted to learn more and do something new. But turns out, I really loved teaching. I started teaching yoga to my friends every weekend and a few months later I went back to Bali to learn more.

Launching my first online business

From my first retreat experience in Ibiza on I loved yoga retreats and wanted to make it easier for people to find retreats from teachers all over the world. Knowing nothing about hosting websites or WordPress I built my first website, Yowunga, a yoga retreat directory where you could search for yoga retreats worldwide by date and location (I renamed it to www.happyyogatravels.com).

It was exciting to discover that you really could create a business out of nothing! I’ve never seen myself as an entrepreneur, but now I was hooked and wanted to learn more.

Marketing for Yoga Teacher
Finding bliss in Bali

After some more yoga trainings in Bali I went traveling around South-East-Asia and taught yoga in Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines. But I soon realized that the life of a traveling yoga teacher wasn’t for me. I missed having a home and I started working on more and more website projects for other teachers and coaches, challenging if you’re on an island with very spotty internet.

I realized that while I loved yoga, I’m also really excited about things like email marketing, sale funnels and WordPress plugins and I wanted to dive deeper in the whole online business world. I started reading and learning more about marketing and less about anatomy and the chakras and started helping yoga teachers with their websites and social media.

So many yoga teachers I met had either spent thousands of dollars on a website that they had no idea how to update, or had really dysfunctional websites that did nothing for their business. Or they spent hours a day on Instagram but had no strategy how to use it to help fill their classes and workshops.

That’s when I had my biggest AHA moment. I realized that more than anything, I was being called to help yoga teachers build successful businesses so that they too could taste the sweet success that I had worked so hard to achieve with my first online business.

Finally, it’s all coming together. I moved to Bali and now I run www.happyyogatravels.com, a yoga travel blog and yoga retreat directory, and this site, www.susannerieker.com, where I teach spiritual entrepreneurs everything about online marketing.

I turned my passions and experiences into what I wish I’d had when I first started: helpful advice and trainings how to build your first website, get more out of social media and grow your online presence.

My proudest moments are seeing my students succeed with my help and providing them with resources, relationships and valuable training materials to help them grow their business.

As you can see, I have learned and done a lot. My sincere hope is that I can inspire you and help you on your yoga business journey.

Love & light,


Things I love

The TV show Friends – always gets me in a good mood. Even after all these years.

Flying – I’m always super happy when I’m on a plane.

Penguins – cutest and most fascinating animals ever.

Grilled cheese – it’s my ultimate comfort food.

Yin yoga – and Butterfly is my favorite pose.

And my secret obsession – young adult fantasy novels like The Hunger Games.

Now it’s your turn!

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