By Susanne Rieker

You probably didn’t become a yoga teacher for the money. We go into teaching because we love the practice and want to share it. At the same time, relying on selling time-for-money can be hard. What happens when you get sick? Or want to travel? Or have a family crisis? It’s also easier to serve and teach when you’re well rested, able to take vacations, and have money to cover trainings, right?

That’s why I think it’s such a great idea to generate some additional income online. There are a lot of ways to get creative and leverage your skills to bring in a sustainable income through your website.

Don’t believe me? Get inspired by these 5 yoga teachers who all make money online.

5 Yoga Teachers Who Make Money Online

5 Yoga Teacher Who Make Money Online

Allie from The Journey JunkieThe Journey Junkie

Allie built up an amazing community of yogis from all over the world, luring them in with her awesome free yoga videos and making them fall in love with her with her realness and sweet personality. She successfully launched a Body Mind Soul Detox program this spring and plans to launch it again in the autumn.

Allie is amazing but her success is based on hard work; she consistently puts up new content in amazing quality each week and is very active in her community.


Les LeventhalLes Leventhal

Les is a yoga teacher I met here in Bali. He has been teaching at The Yoga Barn in Ubud for years and now travels the world offering workshops and teacher trainings.

On his website he sells his yoga videos. You can buy single episodes for as little as $5,99 or bundles of 4-10 videos. I’m not in love with his website – it looks a bit, well, outdated – but it proves that you don’t need a fancy setup or to be part of a big yoga video platform to be able to make money online as a yoga teacher. It works because he already has an audience of yoga students who like and trust him – and are happy to pay a little to be able to practice with his videos.


Elena BrowerElena Brower Yoga Teacher

Elena is offering a meditation course for $111 on her website “The Art Of Attention”. It’s an online course with four weekly modules on Trust, Adventure, Abundance and Harmony. Each week the participants receive two audio meditations and materials to support them on their journey. Her website is also simply beautiful and a great benchmark, if you’re looking for some inspiration check it out.


Barbara PearceBarbara Pearce Yoga

Barbara is a yoga teacher from Montreal, Canada. She’s teaching classes for elderly people, like chair yoga and Hatha yoga for 50 years and older. She’s also selling Yoga Nidra Meditations through her website and a course on Udemy “Not Your Daughter’s Yoga” for the “less flexible”. She successfully niched down her teachings and is offering services targeted to her audience – the secret of her success.



Jessica OlieJessica Olie Yoga

Jessica is offering ebooks for yoga beginners on her website, starting at $29,99. She’s also teaching yoga classes in Dubai. She’s using Shopify to sell and deliver her ebooks, something that’s not difficult to set up.


Bonus: The Practice BaliThe Practice Bali

Here you have an example of a yoga studio making money online. The Practice is a yoga studio in Bali with great teachers and trainings. They started a membership website where for a monthly fee of $10 you’ll get yoga videos, but also background on yoga, practical tips and tools to optimize your life and access to a conscious community of like-minded yogis from all over the world.


I hope these examples inspire you to take action, create your first digital product, and start marketing yourself online. Get more money in your business and free up your time so that you can have a sustainable yoga career.