By Susanne Rieker

I’ve been working on the new website template for my course Blissful Websites and whenever I design a website, I look for inspiration on Google. I wanted to see what other yoga teachers and wellness entrepreneurs are doing and I thought that you probably would love to see some great websites, too, as inspiration for your own.

Click here if you want to see even more examples of yoga teacher websites.

Why I changed my business name to my own name

#1 Chrissy Carter

Chrissy Carter yoga teacher website

I love Chrissy’s website! It’s bold, modern and beautiful. If you aren’t in New York City to take classes from her, you can still get a taste of her philosophy on her homepage via her blog posts, which combine yoga, lifestyle tips, and yummy recipes.

Visit her at https://chrissycarter.com

#2 Kino Yoga

Yoga Teacher Website from Kino Yoga

Kino’s website feels like a tropical holiday, thanks to many pictures of Kino posing at a beach and the use of tropical, pastel colors. But her homepage isn’t only about branding, she also promotes upcoming events, her latest blog posts and her shop.

Visit her at https://www.kinoyoga.com

#3 Elena Brower

Elena Brower yoga teacher website example

This is such a beautiful website! The colors, the words, everything is calming and inspiring. On her website Elena beautifully merges whimsical elements that showcase her artistic side into an otherwise modern and clean layout.

Visit her at https://elenabrower.com

#4 Meghan Currie

Meghan Currie Yoga Teacher Example Website

Meghan’s website is very creative and feels free flowing – just like she is. I like the darker colors as well.

Visit her at https://www.meghancurrieyoga.com

#5 Jeanette Fuchs

Jeanette Fuchs Yoga Website

Jeanette is a multi-passionate yogi, like so many of us, and beautifully manages to combine all her interests on her homepage without overwhelming her visitors. She writes in German but her photos alone make it worth checking out her website.

Visit her at https://www.jeanettefuchs.com

#6 The Journey Junkie

The Journey Junkie Website

Allie’s managed to build a dedicated tribe (and a real business that allows her to sail the world with her hubby) based on her free yoga videos. On her homepage she very smartly focuses on getting people on her mailing list by offering them free programs targeted to their needs.

Visit her at https://www.thejourneyjunkie.com

#7 The Ladies That Lift

Ladies that lift website example

Anna Marsh is a weight training specialist and nutritionist who focuses on helping women achieve their health and fitness goals. Her website strikes the perfect balance between strength and femininity with beautiful photos and a warm color scheme; the perfect combination to attract its target audience.

Visit her at http://theladiesthatlift.com

#8 Katy | Apple Yoga

Yoga Teacher website

Katy’s website is beautiful and well structured. On her website she focuses on offering an overview of upcoming events and she also links to her online video courses and teacher trainings. I especially like her video in the header but am a bit disappointed by her VERY outdated blog.

Visit her at https://beeumana.com

#9 Gabby Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein website example

Gabby’s website is full of energy, her colors spark happiness and creativity. I love her branding, but also how well structured her website is and how she guides you to her offerings.

Visit her at https://gabbybernstein.com

#10 Brenda Umana

Brenda yoga teacher website

I have to include one of my star students! Brenda built her homepage herself with the help of my website course and she did a fantastic job. The focus on her homepage is to promote her upcoming retreats and I’d love to join them all.

Visit her at https://beeumana.com